2019, No End or Return

one-act performance, commissioned by Terminus Modern Ballet Theater for Off the Edge Contemporary Dance Festival | performance by Blake Beckham | live original sound by Joanie Ferguson | costume by Amanda Whitfield | photos (below) by Jamie Hopper

2017, fails

evening-length duet presented by The Lucky Penny at Work Room, Atlanta, GA; co-presented with New Noise at Catapult, New Orleans, LA | created and performed by Blake Beckham and Hez Stalcup | live original music by Pamela_and her sons | light by Danny Davis | photos (below) by Jamie Hopper

2016, OneAnother

evening-length performance, presented by The Lucky Penny at Mary Gray Munroe Theater, Emory University | performances by Anna Bracewell Crowder, Sarah Freeman, Emily Hammond, Claire Molla, Melissa Word | lighting by Dylan Phillips | production by Danny Davis, Protect Awesome | set design by Dana Haugaard, Jane Foley and Malina Rodriguez | original sound by Blake Williams | costuming by Nicole Moreland | photos (below) by Kelly Blackmon

2014, Dearly Departures

evening-length performance, presented by The Lucky Penny at DramaTech Theater, GA Tech | set design and art direction by Malina Rodriguez | performances by Alex Abarca, Anna Bracewell, Alisa Mittin, Claire Molla, Erik Thurmond | original sound by Paul Kayhart | lighting by Dylan Phillips with Brent Glenn | costuming by Shay Buckley | scenic team led by Malina Rodriguez, Julia Hill, Brandon Ross and Myron Lo | video documentation shot by Jonathan Bouknight | photos (below) by Jamie Hopper

2012, Threshold

evening-length performance in a life-sized house made entirely out of cardboard, presented by The Lucky Penny at DramaTech Theater, GA Tech | set design by Mack Scogin Merrill Elam Architects | art direction by Malina Rodriguez | dance performances by Alex Abarca, Claire Molla, Alisa Mittin | original music by Santiago Páramo | lighting by Joseph A. Futral | technical direction by Danny Davis | production and stage management by Nadia Morgan | project management by Susan Williams | sculpture by Karley Sullivan | props and set dressings by George Long and Jane Garver | costumes by Tian Justman | sound design by Jon Summers | video design by Chelsea Raflo | video documentation by Room Eleven Media | photography (below) by Bobbi Jo Brooks


2011, PLOT

an evening-length, site-specific performance for The Goat Farm Arts Center, presented by Dance Truck | performances by Blake Beckham, Emily Christianson, Camille Jackson and Alisa Mittin | artistic direction, technical direction and lighting by Malina Rodriguez | production management by Danny Davis | art direction by Julia Hill | video and sound by Neil Fried | costumes by Shay Buckley | sound design by Jon Summers | video documentation by Proper Medium | photography (below) by Jamie Hopper


2010, American Muscle 

performed by Blake Beckham, Alex Abarca, Corian Ellisor, Ellen Lyle, Juana Farfán, Lilli Ransijn, and Emily Christianson | technical direction and lighting design by Malina Rodriguez | full length premiere: September 11, 2010 Eyedrum Art & Music Gallery  | photography (below) by Bobbi Jo Brooks

also: Dance Truck at the Time-Based Art Festival, presented by the Portland Institute for Contemporary Art (2011), Emory Dance Company (2011), and Test Flights at 7 Stages produced by Ground Delivery Dance and Fly By Theatre (2010)

Other Select Works

  • 2009, Study in Time Travel for Public Parking | presented by Dance Truck

  • 2008, Alicia | presented by the Decatur Arts Festival

  • 2008, In a Quiet Hassle | presented by Emory University

  • 2008, Universal Joint: Coping | presented by Emory University

  • 2006, Scar/ed | presented by Eyedrum Art & Music Gallery and the Asheville Fringe Festival

  • 2005, Mapping the border: a dance event for letting go | presented by The Ohio State University

  • 2004, Apologetics | presented by The Nerve Series (GA), Asheville Fringe Festival (NC), Danspace (NY), and Joe Alter Dance Group (Poland).

  • 2003, Farewell Rituals | presented by Eyedrum Art & Music Gallery

  • 2002, The Memory Dances | presented by Duende Dance Theater

  • 2002, Pocket/Change | presented by Emory University

  • 2002, Life After Life | presented by First Glance Atlanta