Photo by  Jamie Hopper

BLAKE BECKHAM is a choreographer, performing artist, educator and producer in Atlanta, GA. She co-directs The Lucky Penny, a non-profit arts organization that serves as a production outlet for Blake's choreography and a platform for supporting other artists. The Lucky Penny recently launched their studio space, Work Room, which Blake manages and directs. The space is home to a residency program supporting Atlanta's intrepid choreographers.

Beckham has produced her own choreographic works since 2001. Her most recent pieces have been widely celebrated for their deft craft, ambitious scope and emotional impact. These include OneAnother (2016), Dearly Departures (2014), Threshold (2012) and PLOT (2011). These recent works are emblematic of Beckham’s ongoing interests in blending striking stage design with cinematic imagery, visceral emotion and unadorned physical effort. The result is sometimes whimsical and sometimes gruesome, but it is always richly layered, and infused with tenderhearted sincerity. 

Blake earned a BA in English and Dance from Emory University, where she received The Sudler Prize for highest achievement in the arts. She attended Ohio State as a University Fellow, to complete her MFA in Choreography. Since 2006, Beckham has worked in the Development Department at the award- winning youth program, Moving in the Spirit. She has held teaching appointments at Emory University and Agnes Scott College. In 2012, Beckham received a Community Impact Award from Emory University's Center for Creativity & Arts.  In 2013, she was honored to receive the Tanne Foundation award in recognition of her outstanding artistry. Her work has been supported through residencies at Theater Emory (2013, 2014) and Performance Works Northwest (2014).